First Signs of Growth

The first seedlings have arrived…


Having left my little seedlings to their own devices while I was away this weekend (more on that to come), I was a little concerned that I would return to find the cats had knocked them to the floor and made a lovely mess but all was well and I was rewarded with my first signs of growth.

My Shirley tomato seeds are the first to appear and are rapidly unfolding into the light – they are the lovely row pictured above – and the Indigo Drops aren’t too far behind. There’s also a lovely scattering of tiny Delphimium leaves – it’s hard to imagine that such towering blooms will come from such delicate beginnings.

There’s no sign of an appearance from the aubergine yet, but I’m sure they’ll follow in due course.

It would seem that sewing in shallow rows and allowing water to be absorbed from below was a sensible approach as there is a lovely uniform line of seeds which should make pricking out easier in time, especially as I anticipate the tomatoes being ready to move on considerably before the aubergines will at this rate and I should be able to manage that without too much disturbance. This is one for me to bear in mind for future seeds; I’ll also pay a little more attention to the germinating time of each seed so those who take a slower step into life are not sharing trays with those who leap into the light quickly to help make the best use of my limited propagator space.

I hope you too are enjoying seeing the first signs of spring growth – Tilly certainly is 🙂


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