Saturday Snapshot

A few splashes of colour…

Aware that time is tight at the moment, I’ve decided on a new weekly post format that should keep me posting more regularly. It won’t be long or developed, just a snapshot of the things that are currently bringing me joy in my little plot.

Most Saturdays begin with coffee in the garden and so as I start the weekend outdoors I plan to share a few little snapshots of what’s going on.

This week it’s mostly the flush of colour that has come about from the recent wet weather and the promise of fruit and veg which have all had a growth spurt recently. The first strawberries and raspberries are beginning to ripen and I’m enjoying them straight off the plants as I potter about. The courgettes and the cauliflowers are promising and I’m thrilled to see 16 pears on the pear tree!

However, the star of the show this week is not one I can take credit for. It is a rambling rose, much neglected, which remains from the previous owners (indeed, it is all that remains of their planting). It’s in a corner of a raised bed that is soon to be demolished and so, inspired by its lovely pink blooms and scent, I’m going to have to take some cuttings and try and retain it, as I don’t think it will move happily when the work begins. For now, I’m enjoying the sea of pink and it’s scent drifting over the patio; the scent I can’t emulate for you, just as I can’t share the glorious smell of the freshly watered tomatoes that lingers here at the moment, but I hope you enjoy the pictures and that your garden is bringing you equal pleasure!

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