A Greenhouse of One’s Own is intended to journal the growth of my little garden as I learn more about gardening and become more successful in my green-fingered endeavours.

I bought my first home 18 months ago and one of the must haves on the list was a little bit of a garden. Since moving in, my holidays have been filled with the task of starting to shape my little plot of earth into a garden ready to grow in.  The initial task was a daunting one. First on the list of jobs was a less than lovely concrete path which ran through the length of the garden that had to be broken up and turfed. Then the existing beds had to be cleared of over-growth and gravel and new beds had to be cut in to create the borders.

While there was much joy in the arrival of spring bulbs and summer flowers and in harvesting my first crop of home grown vegetables, it’s fair to say that most of the work in the garden thus far has been that of getting it ready to enjoy and the beginning of this blog marks the next stage in my garden – that of really getting stuck in and enjoying it!

As I’ve gardened so far, I’ve kept a written diary of my progress to reflect on the tasks begun and lessons learned. In moving this journal online, I hope to be able to share that with my family who are not close enough to pop by and see how I am getting on. I also hope that my writing may strike a chord with some of you out there too.

I’ve not been alone in getting the garden set up – my dad has had many working holidays with me, his most recent was this January to build the greenhouse that he and my mum very generously bought me. My little plot would not be looking half as lovely as it does now without some serious heavy lifting from him and from my boyfriend, who took on the lion’s share of the concrete demolition and disposal, and I anticipate that both will feature in how it develops this coming year, but I am very grateful for all the time they have spent with me on it thus far!

So please pop by and see how I’m getting on, and how Tilly and Tabitha, my two cats pictured above, are enjoying their garden as it grows!